About Us

The story of our beautiful hotel nestled at the heart of a UNESCO world-heritage site is a fascinating one.
The story begins in 1886 when we became the first accommodation for visitors to the world-famous stones at the Giant’s Causeway. Laid upon this firm foundation, from that day to this, has been a rich legacy which continues to grow strong and lasting.
Our legacy is this… we provide world-class food, bespoke service and unforgettable experiences to every person that chooses CH as their temporary home.

We are proud that we exude homeliness while delivering on cutting-edge food, contemporary design and eclectic experiences.

Our 28 beautiful bedrooms, decadent tearoom, lavish ballroom and intimate bar and parlour areas are designed to meet the needs of all manner of travellers.

Heralded as Coastal Escape of the Year, Three Star Hotel of the Year and Great Place to stay Quality Award in the prestigious Irish Hotel Awards, CH is confident that our name is becoming synonymous with success in the hospitality industry.

Delectable Dining

Ballroom 1836, our main dining space, is set on the ground floor of the hotel and offers stunning views across the bay to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional provides a unique, luxurious yet homely dining experience. The main area is airy, bright with soothing hues while the annex provides pops of bright, earthy tones and textures for that more traditional, quaint atmosphere.

Our bar and parlour areas are refined in decor yet cosy and relaxed in ambience. Both spaces are home to a lavish yet lived-in blend of furnishings and decor to create the ideal atmosphere for a restful pint or an energising snack. 

CH dining offers exquisite menus which champion local produce and suppliers. The field-to-fork story is one that all our staff love to share and our guests relish to hear.

Captivating CH

Nothing tells our fascinating story or showcases our finest features better than this delightful array of stunning photographs. They capture the essence, ambiance, standard, mood and sheer diversity of design, space and experiences awaiting you at our award-winning, historic and world-famous hotel.

Our Reviews

Our enthusiastic and loyal guests can always be relied upon to reassure us that what we do at CH is consistently exemplary and moreish.

Would you like to dine in style with a beautiful view?

Take time to unwind with a drink in the bar, or sit outside and watch the world go by!

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