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In 1836 the foundation stone was laid of the first-ever accommodation for visitors to the legendary stones of the Giant’s Causeway.


By 1841 the charming white-washed stone building of the Causeway Hotel stood as a welcoming beacon at the heart of Northern Ireland’s spectacular and dramatic coastline.

Overseeing the initial construction of this charming hotel on its breath-taking elevated site was Miss Elizabeth Henry. Sadly, Miss Henry died before seeing the hotel come to fruition.


In 1844 the hotel was leased to William McNaul who warmly pledged, “By diligence and attention to do all in my power to promote the comfort of my guests, and they may depend on my always keeping a well-stocked larder and being well supplied with the choicest wine and liquors.”


In 1863, a new lessee, William Coleman, waxed lyrical about his new business venture, “The hotel is commodious, and, in every respect, a first-class establishment.”


In 1887 the hotel came into the hands of the famous Traill brothers, founders of the Causeway Tram. This industrious pair built a station in the grounds of the increasingly popular hotel, which by that stage housed its own tour guides.

In the mid 1800s, a one week stay in the hotel could set you back a lofty £200 a week. Guests were charged extra for servants, use of the sitting room and lighting the fire!


In 1910, the Kane family purchased the Causeway Hotel; and in 1963 it was sold to Frank Fleming.


The last private proprietors of the Causeway Hotel were the Armstrong family, who sold it to the National trust in 2001.


In 2016 HMS UK & Ireland took over and with its visionary Directors Kathleen and Ann at the helm the hotel is on course to make for fascinating reading in the history books of the future.

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