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It's all in the details

It is one thing to know that a place is special, but to feel it, that’s another experience entirely.

We want you to be right at home while at the same time feel like you are part of something tailored to your personal expectations. In every nook and cranny of our historic 1836 award-winning property there are stories to be told, interesting people to meet and the finest food to savour. In every room there is an atmosphere and a service second to none. Every member of our team there is a genuine passion for their work. In every bedroom and within every view there is the promise of tranquillity and rest. Our food is the finest around and our rich legacy is depending on you to make your extra special memories with us.

Would you like to dine in style with a beautiful view?

Take time to unwind with a drink in the bar, or sit outside and watch the world go by!

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